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Make the ad hoc meeting official

Work continuously across multiple platforms and devices. With instant messaging, screen sharing, voice and video conferencing, plus integration with WebEx and TelePresence, Jabber turns informal meetings into an effective new way to work together, anywhere, and all the time.

Solve the Teamwork Puzzle

Collaboration involves people in different continents and time zones, but distance should not delay the quick exchanges needed to do business. Teams can’t rely only on sometimes hard-to-schedule official meetings to get everything done. Get things rolling with constant, spontaneous, and uninterrupted teamwork.

Join the virtual meeting room

It’s a secure, always-available virtual meeting place that combines file and presentation sharing with voice, HD video and all the tools to facilitate scheduling, sharing, follow up, and next steps. WebEx enables people to work together anytime, anywhere, from any browser, on any Web-enabled device.

Better meetings: Before, during and after

Meetings are an essential part of how we collaborate. From agenda to follow-up, from presentation to next steps, WebEx keeps it all in one place, so you can manage the entire meeting life cycle while participants can upload files, make comments, and create or edit documents.

Be everywhere

With high-quality simultaneous video and an HD, full-motion content-sharing stream, TelePresence brings you into a new era of working remotely with face-to-face collaboration.

In-person remote presence

In the business world, in-person contact is as important as the words we use, and is a key factor of connecting emotionally, establishing a partnership and filling investors with confidence.

Enterprise knowledge networking

Bring together social networking, content creation, and real-time communications. Break down organizational silos and make information flow quickly. Connect employees with the people they need and share knowledge across a secure, integrated platform.

Forging new connections

Collaboration that doesn’t show up on organizational charts and is defined by informal interactions rather than official relationships. The informal organization is a powerful tool in increasing the flow of information.

Everything working together securely, anywhere

Give users what they need to collaborate; when, where, and how they need it. Unburdened by the physical limitations of on-premises solutions, the Cisco WebEx Cloud is a scalable and secure service-delivery platform -- and one of the world’s biggest private clouds.

Work your way

When employees use their own devices for work activities, they’re likely to be happier and more productive. And your company can save money in the long run. Deploy an intelligent, fully integrated open network, and let your people work together easier, better and faster.

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